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  • Barbara Hacha

The Lighthouse in Winter

The lighthouse at Fairport Harbor is a magnet for beach walkers in any season, although there are many more fair-weather beach walkers than hardy ones. Today I shared the beach with only a half-dozen others, and all of us were drawn to the lighthouse. The below-freezing cold snap of the past few weeks had finally eased, and with temperatures in the 40s, the frozen-over lake had begun to break up. Out from the still icy shore, blue water churned, driven by strong winds, but I could feel a slight bit of warm air on my face from the sun. Pushed by the wind, I made it up to the lighthouse—even though I knew I might regret coming this far when I was ready to turn around to head back, but I was rewarded with this view. And on the breakwall, just past the fence, were waves that had frozen as they crashed over the stones.

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