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Mulligan Stew: 
Stories and Traditions of American Hobos



Praise for Mulligan Stew:
No book I know has captured the varieties of hobo experience as well as Barbara Hacha's Mulligan Stew, and in a form that perfectly fits the phenomenon.... You will come away from this reading with a strong taste for more. See you in Britt?
—Luther the Jet, Hobo King 1995-1996
Reading Mulligan Stew was like re-living the rail stories again! Barbara has interviewed and written about the hobos with much accuracy and respect. Barbara and Jim are always welcome to the hobo campfire in the Britt jungle! Happy Rails to you...
—Minneapolis Jewel, 4x Hobo Queen
Ever since track was first laid for the great locomotives, hobos have listened to the call of the rails, lured by the possibility of free transportation to another place—if they could make their way unnoticed and unharmed. They rode the rails for various reasons—to escape economic hardship, satisfy an urge for adventure, or simply to feed their wanderlust.  Along the way, they developed their own culture. 

This book, like a mulligan stew, contains a variety of ingredients from the hobo culture:  hobo life as it was lived at the turn of the twentieth century, women hobos, hobo heroes, hobo signs and symbols, contemporary hobos telling of their experiences, and hobo traditions from the National Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa—an event that has opened a door into the hobo world every August for more than 100 years.  The convention motto is "There's a Little Bit of Hobo in All of Us."  If you're a hobo at heart, open this book and savor the stew.

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"Mulligan of Talent" DVD:
The Companion to Mulligan Stew

About the DVD:

 A Mulligan of Talent was filmed and edited  by the author's husband, Jim. It  features  highlights from the 2011 National  Hobo  Convention in Britt, Iowa.  You'll see  real-life  hobos carrying out their traditions and  providing entertainment around the jungle  campfire.  The book gives additional context  for what you'll see on the DVD.  This short film  is only available through this website.

 Here's how to get the DVD:

 1. Order Mulligan Stew directly from this  website  (14.95 + $3.99 shipping).  Barbara  will sign  the book—and personalize it if you  wish—and  include the DVD signed by Jim.    You can  send a check or pay through  PayPal.  (If you  want to order more than one  copy, we'll adjust  the shipping)

 2. Order the book from Amazon or your  favorite bookseller and email a copy of the  receipt to    Send $3.99 via PayPal to cover shipping, and  we'll send you a signed DVD.