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Making Mulligan—and Making a Difference

Mulligan Stew

In the hobo world, it was (and is) a matter of pride to contribute to the stew being cooked up in the jungle.  While reading Line by Line, this book club,
 called The Book Babes, in Mentor, Ohio, had the idea to "cook up" a mulligan by bringing food items for stew. This "stew" will be donated to a local food pantry.  In a broad sense, we can think of food pantries and soup kitchens as large mulligan stews—and the people who contribute prove the motto of the National Hobo Convention:  There's a Little Bit of Hobo in All of Us.

Thank you to The Book Babes!  Other book clubs who make a mulligan can send their photos for inclusion on this page, too.

Another Book Babes creation:  Julie holds her fabulous Lemon-Raisin Pie,
complete with a lattice top that would make Francine proud!

This Mentor, Ohio, book club (shown below) also took on the mulligan challenge and came up with a generous array of foods to be donated to the area food pantry.

Notice the lattice top pie—a treat for the book club members!

Lori holds her gorgeous lattice top Lemon Raisin pie. 

A Mentor, Ohio book club (above) with their mulligan in the foreground.
A Cleveland-area book discussion group with their mulligan.

Thanks to everyone involved in "Making Mulligan."  
The food pantries are very grateful to receive your donations!